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- Fos to release third album!   7/7/17 !!!


-BOILER ROOM Red Stripe Make Sessions 005:



-fos live on Boiler Room TV
Monday 5th of November 2012
fos will perform a short 10 min set live on Boiler Room TV. The show is organised by NTS Radio and will be broadcast from Hackney, East London, to an audience of around 25,000 people world wide. The full show lasts for four hours and there are many more live acts to perform. fos will play at 7.40 pm. The whole show will be recorded on reel to reel tape and will be released on Vinyl as an NTS compilation.

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-listen to the podcast with fos playing live on NTS  HERE

-fos was played on BBC 6 by Tom Ravenscroft, Tom Robinson and Nemone!!!